California BWOPA PAC Supports


AB 549 (Wilson) California Elimination Of Discrimination Against Women

This bill would require all state agencies, in consultation with the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, to conduct an evaluation of their departments to ensure that the state does not discriminate against women through the allocation of funding and the delivery of services. 

AB 884 (Low & Cervantes) Expanding Language Access In Elections

This bill expands when the Secretary of State and county elections officials must provide translated election materials and language services to voters.

ACA 4/AB 1595 (Bryan) Restore Voting Rights In Prison

These companion bills would permit a person in prison to register to vote and vote if voters approve a corresponding constitutional amendment.

SB 94 (Cortese) Second Look: Judicial Review Of Old Sentences

This bill would authorize an individual serving a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for a conviction in which one or more special circumstances were found to be true to petition for recall and resentencing if the offense occurred before June 5, 1990, and the individual has served at least 25 years in custody.

AB 665 (Carrillo) Mental Health Consent Parity for Medi-Cal Recipients

This bill allows, beginning July 1, 2024, minors aged 12 years and older to consent to outpatient mental health treatment and residential shelter services provided that the treating professional determines that the minor is mature enough to participate intelligently, bringing the provision in line with the current authorization for 12-year-olds with private insurance to consent to mental health treatment.

SB 242 (Skinner) Strengthening HOPE for Children Trust

This bill would, to the extent permitted by federal law, prohibit funds deposited and investment returns accrued in a HOPE trust fund account from being considered as income or assets when determining eligibility and benefit amount for any means-tested program until an eligible youth withdraws or transfers the funds from the HOPE trust fund account, as specified.

SB 673 (BradfordEbony Alert

This bill would authorize a law enforcement agency to request the Department of the California Highway Patrol to activate an “Ebony Alert” concerning Black youth, including young women and girls, who are reported missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances. The bill would require the department to activate an Ebony Alert within the appropriate geographical area requested by the investigating law enforcement agency and to assist the agency by disseminating specified alert messages and signs if the department concurs with the agency that an Ebony Alert would be an effective tool in the investigation of a missing person according to specified factors.

SB 702 (Limon) Gubernatorial Boards & Commissions

This bill would require the office of the Governor, commencing January 1, 2025, to maintain on its Internet website a list of every state board and commission that includes, for each state board or commission, the membership list, stated purpose, duties, meeting frequency, internet website, and vacancies in the membership. The bill would also require the office of the Governor, on or before January 1, 2025, and annually thereafter, to create and publish on its Internet website a report containing aggregate demographic information of appointments made by the office during the prior calendar year, as specified.


Prop 16 - Opportunity For All - YES

Complete list of bills forthcoming coming


AB 2466 - Weber

This bill, for purposes of determining who is entitled to register to vote, would de ne imprisoned as currently serving a state or federal prison sentence and would de ne parole as a term of supervision by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The bill would clarify that conviction does not include a juvenile adjudication.

AB 2707 - Ridley-Thomas

This bill would enact the Stop Consumer Racial Profiling Act of 2016, which would prohibit a business establishment from using consumer racial pro ling, as de ned. The bill would also make the Department of Fair Employment and Housing responsible for the enforcement of the act.

SB 1063 - Hall

This bill would expand that prohibition to also prohibit an employer from paying any of its employees at wage rates less than the rates paid to employees of another race or ethnicity for substantially similar work, as specified above. By expanding the scope of a crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

SB 966 - Mitchell

This bill would repeal those provisions. instead limit the above sentence enhancement to only be based on each prior conviction of, or on each prior conviction of conspiracy to violate, the crime of manufacturing specialized controlled substances through chemical extraction or synthesis or the crime of using a minor in the commission of offenses involving specialized controlled substances.